Cafés, Natureza

A Enchanted Coffee House / Um café Encantado

Another day in early fall and there we go to the road in search of yellow and red leaves. On the way, a road full of sinuous contour curves revealing dazzling mountain scenery of stony rivers with clear waters and bright in waves. Then, after a curve, we came across a picturesque-looking house displaying a plaque on which was “coffee.” Continue reading “A Enchanted Coffee House / Um café Encantado”


Looks like Switzerland but its Japan / Parece a Suiça, mas é Japão – Shinhotaka Ropeway

Christmas with snow is something that is impossible in tropical countries, but here in Japan 🇯🇵 we went “bags up” to the Mountain at Takayama City to enjoy a mind blowing landscape. To get there you may think that we got throught a Mountain climb trakking, but don’t. There is a cable car that takes you right at the top. Easy and confortable.